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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yay!!! The new BLOG is ALIVE!!!! go take a peek... and don't forget to RSS :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tomorrow Tomorrow.....

Thanks to the design expertise of my friend Rudy Arpia, tomorrow I will launch an all new blog! We have been working behind the scenes to create a layout that is more pertinent to the style and attitude behind SHYLA|Photography

There will still be links back to this blog for archiving purposes but you wont wanna come back to this ol' thing :)

The debut will launch with a super fun fashion e-session I shot this week so check back tomorrow :)

Yay! I am excited!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Project Everlasting

So I stumbled across this a while back and have been following the developments of this project because it is something I am passionate about... SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGES!!!
Project Everlasting is the journey of two bachelors who set out on a journey ( in a motor home!) to find what makes marriages work. They travel around interviewing couples who have had success in marriage and offer you the insights on what makes them last. You may have noticed the link in my "resources section" over on the left but I haven't taken time to explain prior to now.

Anyway, these two gentlemen just launched a book and it is officially in stores...CHECK IT OUT!
They also have a video of interviews and such that I recently implemented as gifts to my clients. We all know we can't maintain ongoing relationships with ALL our clients so these are an inexpensive way to hopefully impact their lives AFTER the wedding day :)

As a single person in the wedding industry, it is all too common to see failed marriages and get discouraged... I think we should do something about it :) we don't have to be married (or even in a relationship) to start preparing ourselves for success!!!

Note: while we are on this subject... another fun resource is LOVE IS A CHOICE... launched by my friend and fellow wedding photographer Mike Larson. This site is a resource for couples also... check them out :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Music Video | Keith Varon

one and two and three and four and....step ball change....
Thats all I hear running through my head right now!

Today, I had the pleasure of being a dancer for the filming of a music video. Up and coming talent Keith Varon, who has been a featured artist on MTV, lends his music to shows such as MTV's Laguna Beach was filming a video for his new single 'Intoxicated' and I was invited to be apart of the production!

It was so fun to be apart of the filming but I am EXHAUSTED after a LOOOOOOONG day of dance choreography and filming. we practiced in heels and barefoot on concrete. My feet are sooo tore up. But it was fun.

Check out these fun shots of the day....

Helpin' out with the makeup
Me and Vanessa Felts sportin' the vogue-style makeup

Sandwiched by the two Lisa'sThe video-body-contraption

Little black dresses was the attire
Thankfully they fed us dancers ;)
We rehearsed all day and had to wait till evening to start filming in order to get the effect of a masquerade party.
The dancers and Keith Varon with the director Michael Roach

Stay tuned for the music video in a few weeks where you will see us dancing the night away and

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


My Roomate took this shot of my back today.... it looks like shredded wallpaper from the nasty burn I got in Barbados! The funny thing is, this picture makes it look alot better than in real life ;)


Im headed to Cabo in a few weeks and I will be dressed like a nun to avoid this again! ugh.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

personal stuff | barbados

Our last night in Barbados, we grabbed Egan's two Canon 5D's and just started walking.... armed with only two lenses between the two of us, we sporadically traded off by what was coinciding with our current vision at the moment.
The weather was perfect and the sun was starting to set but we managed to squeeze in an hour or so of solid shooting fun. I generally shy away from shooting anything that doesn't have people in it but I had so much fun... I mean, it was seriously soothing to just capture the beauty in something we may have otherwise simply walked by. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I'd like to say I just got home from a wonderful wedding in Barbados...BUT... I am sorta stuck in Miami because my silly flight decided to leave early and thus I missed it :(
... haha....
technically I arrived at the gate 4 minutes before departure but still, they shouldn't leave EARLY!!!!...LOL
Sooo, I can say I just got back to the states from an amazing wedding in Barbados. :)

Today was full of running through airports! We were literally the LAST to board our flight from Barbados and we running on the tarmac in order to catch it :) I say its all an adventure and missing my second flight back to LA just proves it :) I say to just embrace it and enjoy whatever kinks get thrown into your plans. Life is WAY too short to stress!

Anyway I've received a few emails from my blog friends complaining I haven't posted in over a week and my excuse is... I was in another country with no internet access. :)

I cant wait to show you images from the amazing wedding but for now here is a recap of the trip...

Day 1: LAX to Miami where I met up with wedding photographer extraordinaire Fred Egan. We began our journey with an 8 hour layover before departing to Barbados.
I was sooooo excited to get another stamp in my passport :)

Day 2: Arrive in Barbados... we stayed at the Hilton with the couple and all their guests. Check out the amazing view from my room!
and the hotel pool!

Day 3: Engagement Session with Imo and Nneka. You can see Fred's images here
Here are a few shots I grabbed from the session...

With over 100 guests at this destination wedding, Nneka and Imo held a welcome dinner that we were invited to... here's a quick shot from the evening.

Day 4: Wedding!!! I cant WAIT to edit and show you some images from this rockin' wedding!
Here is a glimpse into the professional equipment used ;)

Day 5: Day after session... This was sooo much fun to just shoot with a totally relaxed couple, and check out the awesome sunset!
I was also thoroughly entertained by this Bajan who sang me a song !
That night we went to St. Lawrence Gap for a taste of local flavor and hit up Casa Sol for happy hour :)

Oh and we encountered a massive hurricane that swept us off our feet! :)

Day 6: Finally its PLAY day! Today we went on snorkeling trip through the island where we went swimming with Sea Turtles!! Totally amazing.... EXCEPT I got perhaps the worst burn of my life.... I am so crispy :( I was even diligent to reapply sunscreen after every dip in the water!! If you look closely, you can see my raccoon eyes from my biiig sunglasses!!

Barbados was Soooo fun :) Time has no meaning on the island and I must admit it was refreshing. I am so thankful to be in a business I love and have the opportunity to travel and hang out with friends all in the name of "work"! Thanks Fret-E !!! ;)